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Known for beautiful imagery and excellent customer service, Auburn Heritage Photography is a creative team that works to capture the emotions and intricacies of each season of life. Rather than take the usual stuffy photographs of the past, we work to capture the beauty of each life while also working seamlessly with you and your family to help you remember each season and all of its uniqueness.

Auburn Heritage Photography utilizes only the best in photographic equipment and we have hand selected our professional lab. However, we also know that our customers want access to their images and we want you to have it. With that in mind, we provide the access and freedom for you to print your images at the photo lab of your choice.

If you are seeking superior quality, excellent customer service, and unmatched artistry, then we invite you to sit down with us to learn about what Auburn Heritage Photography offers. We are committed to providing a superior product at a fraction of the cost. We treasure beautiful portraits of our family, and we know that you do, too. We find great joy in creating images that you are proud to have on your wall, whether that be on your living room wall or your Facebook wall. We look forward to meeting you and the ones you love, as well as making beautiful pictures of you!

Blessings, Brandon and Amy Henderson

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